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Exporting Invoices In Bulk To Xero

May 14, 2021
Bill Kimball

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I do like the suggestion from an earlier post with posted and unposted folders. Then you just transfer them to the completed folder. But again that seems like a lot of extra work and isn’t the whole point of this amazing system to reduce work. A marking system an archiving system would be a great solution. Much the way your reconciliations work with colour systems. When something is attached it becomes a different colour.

By using the Xero logo, you agree to follow our Xero logo guidelines. Logo files are available in CMYK and RGB, EPS and PNG versions. I just did this for an incorrectly reconciled transaction, and now the receipt that was attached to the original transaction has dissappeared. Otherwise I have to attach the documents when i approve the invoices.

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These banks send daily feeds of bank transactions directly into Xero from the types of bank account listed. Yes – I used to get notifications but noticed it now no longer does it – support said this now only gives notifications if it comes from your own email address and not others. As we use an automated system to forward emails to the inbox when someone completes an online form, it no longer alerts us with a notification. Please can you reinstate the option to allow notifications for any emails in the inbox. Yes I agree and would like to see this update also. At the moment I am connected via add on to a company that uploads monthly statements into my Xero File/Mailbox. There is no notification when a file is received so I must rely on my memory to check.

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Hiya Cate – it stays there if it’s been first moved to a folder. The Official update above explains why it was designed this way – so that the file Inbox is like a to do list, and as soon as it’s attached, it’s removed from the to do list. This last bit spoils my plan for using repeating invoices to generate a monthly transaction as per a payment schedule and attach a copy of the schedule to each monthly transaction. You can attach a document to the repeating template but this also does not get copied to the transaction . Documents in a folder attached to a transaction remain visible in folders and show what they are attached to. I really need to attache the same file to different quotes. What is the point to make file attached to some invoice/quote and not available for attaching to another one?

Unfortunately I do not have an icon in the application folder. This free Icons Png design of Xero Logo PNG icons has been published by iconspng.com. The original size of the image is 512 × 512 px and the original resolution is 300 DPI.

If she does invoicing and attaches files they are gone from the file library because they are not filed. If you create a transaction first then you can not see the already attached document to attach to this new transaction. OK – I know a workaround – move the file from “inbox” to “another folder” – and then assign it, and it won’t get deleted. If you’re wanting to attach the same file to every quotes/invoice you can use Docx. Add your invoice as per usual, but add another page to the back of your Docx template that has the information you wish each customer to see.

It would be great if there was a more obvious way to be notified that a document is in the “file” folder. Similar to the way a number appears when a new message has been received. I have advised staff to email any approved invoices to email address but I have to actually click into the folder to see if anything is in there, rather than it telling me. Small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers locally and across the world trust Xero with their numbers.


I see a settings button for notifications, but not one for the emails sent to Xero. pop up on the folder icon for undead items, just like other mailing systems. Although, I am still not receiving notifications for files being uploaded by ‘BizRewards’ in files.

I use a short cut generated from Google but it has the Google chrome Icon. I will not ask my adviser as they charge too much. Hi everyone, Come on over to the new discussions in Xero Central.

I simply move any I don’t want deleted after action into another folder. The auto remove function seems only to work on the main folder.

The default inbox view would only show unattached files, but you could toggle it to show attached files too (and then move them out to user-defined folders if required). It often takes me quite a while to work out whether I attached a file to a transaction or never uploaded it to Xero in the first place. Hi, I noticed that if you have to remove and redo a transaction the attached file will disappear and because it is not in the library anymore it is unrecoverable. I am now nervous about relying on Xero to keep my receipts. Please explain how i can ensure no receipts/invoice are ever lost. We send the same two page PDF agreement with every quote and also mostly the same product info PDF. We also use a template in draft invoices to copy for new quotes ( As we can’t use the quote system due to files not being attached to emails – not an option to download by the client ) .

  • By using the Xero logo, you agree to follow our Xero logo guidelines.
  • Hi everyone, Come on over to the new discussions in Xero Central.
  • As a small business, it’s simply a duplication of work I could do without!
  • Please explain how i can ensure no receipts/invoice are ever lost.
  • A more versatile functionality of Files and the File Library would be most welcome!!

Keep your practice a step ahead with Xero accounting software. Work flexibly and keep track of your business with the Xero mobile app. When I first received Xero from my adviser the Xero logo icon was installed on my computer however I upgraded my computer and lost it.

I can’t figure out the benefit of this restriction? Some one has created this on purpose and I don’t know why?

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For situations where multiples are needed, have you considered making copies of the file? The above is important as I had the idea of uploading about 30 or so receipts for expenses and then I can go through each one adding an expenses item. The problem is I can’t delete it from the Files folder afterwards as it then deletes it from the expenses item. Explore Xero webinars, feature videos and how-to guides.

Today when I logged in I had two notifications of new files uploaded waiting for me. There must be either an intermittent bug that is not showing them, or they only show sometimes based on a condition like if the file is uploaded while you are not logged in.

I created an Xero.ico file which I would share but can’t add attachments here. If you want to create one yourself search Xero icons in Google and grab a transparent image. If you don’t have GIMP, which is a free photo editing app get it, its brilliant! You can save an image as an .ico file using GIMP and then just change the icon in a desktop shortcut. This Xero icon is in Flat style available to download as PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, or Base64 file is part of xero icons family. Whether you’re looking for stunning professional photos, high quality, editable vectors, stand-out icons, or unique videos, you will find your inspiration at Stockio.

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The only problem is that once you attach it to an invoice / bill / expense / sale you can no longer see the original email. Best way to keep track of this is to move your files from the Inbox to a folder, where they’ll stay regardless of whether they’ve been attached or not.

I was hoping that my switch to Xero would free me up and make things easier, and with some things I can see the benefit. My gripe is the inability to attach a transaction to more than one file. I too am really liking the new files feature and am using it for all of my purchace receipts. It would be great to be able to mark/tag that file to show you have generated the appropriate invoice/bill instead of setting up yet more folders to move them to. I would also add it would be great if ‘invoice only’ users had access to the inbox so they could upload files. The work around I use for this is to create folders in Files, I’ve created one called ‘posted receipts’ and one called ‘posted bills’. Once I’ve used an uploaded document I go back to the files page and move it to the relevant folder.

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This leaves the top level of the Inbox clear so I can see when new files are added. Small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers in your neighbourhood and across the world trust Xero with their numbers. Is it possible that the Files option at top right of the screen has a notification/document counter show on the screen when there are new documents waiting in the Files to be processed. I have my clients email suppliers invoices, statements etc straight to Xero rather than all to my own email to stop double handling. It would be nice to have a notify icon to show that documents are in the Files. the icon/count could be similar to the one that shows on the Notifications icon. Saves going into the Files all the time to see if any new documents have arrived from the client.