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Salary And Wages

June 16, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero status page

Keep your practice a step ahead with Xero accounting software. Work flexibly and keep track of your business with the Xero mobile app.

Small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers locally and across the world trust Xero with their numbers. Explore features and tools built for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. I wish I had a dollar for every xero support person who has told me to refresh and clear cookies. Business is now less productive so this is a serious issue that I hope is resolved sooner rather than later. @ThinkingCloudAU Trying get some response from support @IoAmaka . Having many troubles with square / Xero integration since 23/11/20. I just want an update on the status of the problem.

Investigating – Some users may be experiencing errors in Xero, we are investigating and will post an update as soon as we have more information. Please let us know if you still have any issues accessing Xero, and we’ll investigate further. Allows you to delete a salary and wages record in Payroll for an employee in a Xero organisation. Allows you to add a salary and wages record in Payroll for an employee in a Xero organisation. Allows you to retrieve salary and wages details for an employee in a Xero organisation. Supported Methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE Description Allows you to retrieve all the salary and wages in Payroll for an employee in a Xero organisation.

Some local issues with a small group of accounts on the service side. When Xero has outages or other service-impacting events on their status page, we pull down the detailed informational updates and include them in notifications. These messages often include the current details about how the problem is being mitigated, or when the next update will occur. We’re here to help as you respond to the challenges of Covid-19. Explore updates, webinars and business resources.

This puts their mind at ease and confirms their decision to work with you and Xero. Why SEO is crucial for accountants and bookkeepers is a short read that helps demystify the what and why of SEO. OurSEO guide for partners takes a closer look at how to maximize your SEO with the power of Xero. Technical issues on your side, or problems with your software or ISP.

Xero Comments

Update – Fixing this issue is our top priority right now, as we can appreciate the impact this is having for our users. Some users have found that clearing cookies and cache has helped resolve the issue. Update – We understand this is disrupting your day and we are sorry. Please bear with us as our teams work to investigate and solve this.

xero status page

@ChangeBud @Xero Thank you for looking into the problem. Thank you for getting your tech team to fix it. @MrBen_G Welcome to the Xero ecosystem team!

Xero Status Page Says The Service Is Up, But I’m Having Issues What’s Wrong?

That’s why it’s important to build your page from their perspective. Consider everything to help them take action.

StatusGator monitors the status pages of more than 1070 cloud services and sends you alerts you via email, Slack, SMS, and more. Single Touch Payroll in Xero makes it easier for businesses and their employees to receive JobKeeper payments. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

And your site should showcase this partnership – along with your talent, technology, and advisory focus. When prospective clients visit your site, they know that you will manage their accounting needs and save them time. Now they can dedicate their efforts on what they love … their business. If Xero is having system outages or experiencing other critical issues, red down notifications appear on the status page. In most cases, it means that core functions are not working properly, or there is some other serious customer-impacting event underway.

xero status page

@baxters @AlexPKell @Xero I have timeout issues in Safari ALL the time. Have to quit and log back in again – regularly. The team released this System Status page not so long ago, so we can communicate issues like this to our users.

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@Alli_Coleman hey @QuickBooks fix your problem with @MelioPayments. @KarenHeard @Xero are you planning on setting up Customer Support by phone anytime soon? I have an issue and I need to wait 10 hours for a reply. @david_navigator @Xero any way to find out more info on the reason for this failure please ? System Generated Invoice reminder sent for invoice INV-100 to , but failed due to a processing error.

xero status page

So get ready, because it’s time to channel your inner creativity. Xero uses the cloud to simplify bookkeeping, which allows them to spend more time on what they love – their business. Small business owners juggle multiple decisions, multiple times a day. So when they visit your page – they want answers, fast.

If the option ID is incorrect I get an error as expected, but if the ID is correct nothing happens. Hi, we are experiencing the same issue with many of our clients who export from our platform to Xero. @tidy_status The issue with that was occurring Xero’s accounting API has now been resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Gone are the days, we can afford £2K to post accounts to companies house. Massive shame @Xero just cannot support us taking 24 hours to respond to minor issues.

  • Now they can dedicate their efforts on what they love … their business.
  • Allows you to add a salary and wages record in Payroll for an employee in a Xero organisation.
  • Heya Daniel, the best place for this to live right now is in the Bank Feed status blog, as it lets everyone know of widespread issues.
  • Having looked into your emails with Support I can see they’ve escalated your issues for further investigations.
  • Investigating – We’re currently aware of an issue where some users are getting errors when accessing tax forms in Xero Practice Manager and Xero Tax.
  • @david_navigator @Xero any way to find out more info on the reason for this failure please ?

From a pure business-growth perspective – every business needs a mobile site. According to its status page Xero is currently up. You can check the most recent events in the ‘Recent Outages and Issues’ section above.

Hi Andrew – Sorry for any miscommunications and thanks for all the info you’ve provided. I can see the team’s been in touch and managed to recreate the issue, as well as help import your sales data. Please do get back to them if you have any questions. Having looked into your emails with Support I can see they’ve escalated your issues for further investigations. They’ll be able to help get to the bottom of things here.

As this error is quite vague, it can apply to a few different situations. I have been getting this same message for the last two weeks when trying to upload a Sales csv file. I have escalated it to the support team and now looks like a gateway computer in the packet routing is timing out. I have been working with the support team for 3 days now and don’t feel like they are getting any closer to a resolution. Please can this be investigated as a matter of urgency! This is having a significant impact on my business and needs to be resolved asap. @NCD100 Operating SME business we are forced to take on the expensive issues such as accountancy.

Because Xero has several components, each with their individual statuses, StatusGator can differentiate the status of each component in our notifications to you. This means, you canfilter your status page notificationsbased on the services, regions, or components you utilize. This is a very useful feature for complex services with many components or services spread out across many regions. If Xero publishes praoctive maintenance events on their status page, StatusGator will collect information about these events. Proactive maintenance events can be viewed within StatusGator and optional reminders of maintenance events can be configured to notification channels.