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Should You Choose Xero Over Quickbooks?

June 18, 2021
Bill Kimball

why choose xero

Our Xero accounting services for businesses help you adopt smarter accounting practices and free you to concentrate on the heart and soul of your business. The cloud allows you to access your data anytime you need it without having to physically store that information on your computer, and it offers bank-level encryption for sensitive data. Moving to the cloud makes sense for most businesses, but it’s important to understand that not all cloud-based accounting solutions have the same standards and features. You can start using the software with only a bank balance and without having to go through the full set up process, which is great if you haven’t got a great timescale. Or, you can choose to become a Xero partner and take advantage of free training and certification, ongoing support and countless online resources about your business as a whole, not just your accounting. You can use cloud-based software from any device with an internet connection.

Bookkeeping in the cloud with the help of Cogneesol has reduced our overall workload, and we now get time to focus on other crucial aspects of our business. Our team of qualified accountants & bookkeepers can work with businesses of all sizes, from all different industries across the globe. Based on your specific business needs, we provide engagement models like fixed price, hourly and full time. We can also customize a Xero accounting plan exclusively for you.

Can I Process Payroll With Xero?

Blake grew up in Sacramento, and commuted to San Francisco on weekends to participate in the youth symphony. Read how musician Blake Oliver discovered accounting and co-founded a cloud integration firm. If you need help, you can choose to let the support team view your data and provide the advice you need on using Xero. And online support articles,videos, and training are available to help you get moving. Easily create and send invoices, with online payments and invoice reminders for quicker payment.

why choose xero

Whether you’ve been in business for years or this is your first small business, try Xero now and see how online accounting software can make running a business more beautiful. Xero’s online accounting software is designed to make small business easier. See how we can help you take control of the numbers, so you can get back to what you do best. But despite Blake’s success in the world of accounting, he insists he’s still a musician at heart.

I couldn’t understand how a small business could effectively run their business with stale and/or disheveled information that was only updated annually. I was an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and the whole bit. Sage — along with dozens of other technology vendors that help bring those accounting products to the next level. The conference is a magnet for lovers of accounting technology. Users get free unlimited email-based support from our award-winning global customer experience team and phone call-backs when requested. There are also video tutorials, online help centre, certified Xero advisors and an online community of engaged users. It’s all free and available whenever a user might need it.

Get in touch with us to get a free quote and help your business grow. We assist your business in transforming its operational model into a more agile accounting practice. We help you work smarter with Xero and create a positive cash flow impact.

Xero and QuickBooks Online are two of the most popular accounting software platforms. Here’s our comparison of their pros and cons to help you decide between them. Everything is run online, so there’s nothing to install and everything is backed up automatically. The beauty of the software is the flexibility it gives you to run your business from work, home, or on the go.

The Unexpected Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud

It’s fully integrated with Xero so you can keep all your business information in one handy place. “I’m a musician at heart,” Blake says. “I might have given up on music completely if I was working in an office somewhere – but thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, I don’t have to.” Although Blake’s life took a turn away from the cello and toward a career in accounting, his love for music hasn’t faded. He would one day like to start a chamber music group or be on the board of a symphony orchestra.

We don’t do any training beyond teaching them how to look things up in Xero because they don’t need to be (and in my opinion, shouldn’t be) bookkeepers. They are business owners and should leave the accounting to the professionals and spend their time growing their businesses instead. Working with more than 1 million subscribers around the world, big data can be aggregated to help transform the way businesses and advisors work. Xero Accounting Software has processed more than $1 trillion in transactions to help fuel machine learning. And Xero Accounting Software delivers customisable interactive reports and budgets in real-time to businesses and accountants in Perth.

Read on for our summary of when QuickBooks tends to be a better Xero alternative based on your business and goals. QuickBooks has been in the market for longer than Xero, is very well-developed, and is generally loved by accountants – especially in the US market, which QBO has dominated.

Using the cash coding option will power through bank transactions. Xero are regularly updating the software to make it faster to use; continually helping you to streamline your bookkeeping processes. makes it easy to create invoices and preview before sending, although the system can occasionally be glitchy, at least in our testing. Both Xero and QuickBooks Online are optimized for small to mid-sized businesses, so large enterprises with more complex requirements may struggle to tick all of their boxes. But for most small businesses, agencies, retail stores, and startups, there’s a lot to love about both systems. The data in the system isn’t up-to-date and neither is the software.

Although it’s loved worldwide, Xero is especially well-known and used by accountants outside the US, especially in New Zealand and Europe. Xero scales beautifully, both in depth of functionality and user experience. When you start using Xero as a small business or early-stage startup, you know it’s going to support and evolve with you as your company grows. If you’re looking for a QuickBooks alternative, Xero is one of your best options. If you’re based in the US, your accountant’s main complaint might be lack of experience with Xero. QuickBooks has an excellent reporting suite, especially if you can budget for the Pro plan ($70/month) with enhanced reports and project profitability.

why choose xero

So Xero does what they do best — build great accounting software, and help others collaborate doing what they do best — build great add-ons, provide great accounting advice, and build great companies. By far, the biggest appeal to our team in using Xero is our ability toquickly and easily get data into the system without having to key in data by hand. People who feel compelled to type in every transaction one by one will probably hate this software.

We help you to migrate to Xero in no time and without any hassle. We have a team of expert Xero accountants who have migrated thousands of accounts successfully. BOOKKEEPING Hire a dedicated Xero bookkeeper to manage your sales and purchase ledger, reconciliations, and month-end accounting entries. Team 361OthersExperience & Track RecordTeam 361 is the very first PSG pre-approved vendor for Xero.

Xero Accounting Software Continues To Innovate At An Unprecedented Pace

Innovation with machine learning and AI is gathering pace following migration to AWS. But it’s nothing new – over 1,500 updates shipped in the past 12 months from Xero’s global product team. In 2014 and 2015, Forbes named Xero the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company. And in 2016, Xero Accounting Software recorded over $1 trillion across 450 million transactions.

  • We are aware that every business has its own distinct requirements; thereby we provide a wide range of Xero accounting and bookkeeping solutions to align with these varying requirements.
  • Some software seems to make an already confusing job more so, and that’s the last thing you need when trying to run your business.
  • By automating key business performance data feeds, extracting insights and displaying them on elegant dashboards, advisors can deliver proactive advice and services to clients.
  • This saves you from having to export data and send it to your advisor – as soon as you sent it, it’s likely out of date.

For freelancers and other small businesses that want all of the key features of accounting software at a budget, QuickBooks is a great choice. Xero is the clear winner in the Australian market for cloud-based accounting software. Because it was designed from the ground up, it’s built in a way that is simple, elegant, and intuitive for a small to medium-sized business. MYOB is catching up and offers a similar range of features to Xero, but it’s not quite there yet in terms of ensuring a polished and uncomplicated user experience.

A few years ago, we accepted that there were limitations to accessing the Web. However, this mindset has changed in a few short years thanks to the emergence of cloud computing and mobile technology.

Overview Of Xero

Even as you read this, people are searching for bookkeepers in your area who use Xero. Forget the image of a bookkeeper being a data entry clerk. Now your clients can use ReceiptBank to send you their purchases electronically. You can use Futrli to provide your clients with dashboards that will update in real time.

You can see it in their open API and network of hundreds of third-party applications used to customize accounting systems. You can see it in how they encourage small business owners to team up with accountants. They genuinely understand that the key to success is through a complete ecosystem of data support and collaboration.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are up to date with these tasks is by having a good bookkeeping and accounting program. A specialised program will help to keep it all in order, provide you with the information you need and also keep it all in one organised place. Even though we specialize our tools for a niche industry, we still probably use close to two dozen add-on tools. It’s extremely important to the success of our company and the health of our clients’ businesses that the tools we use integrate well with the accounting system we’ve chosen. It’s also critically important that if there are integration issues, we can reach out to the product teams to quickly solve the problem.

why choose xero

Xero makes it easy to create invoices and preview before sending, although the system can occasionally be glitchy, at least in our testing. Accountants praise Xero’s automatic bank feeds, usability and simplified payroll. Even though Xero offers a tempting $9/month plan, the reality is that it’s too restrictive for anything but the smallest side hustles that need less than five invoices and bills per month.

They are a down-to-earth, accessible group of humans who actively listen to feedback and constantly work to improve their product. Xero seems to understand that having a good accountant is critical to the success of small business owners.