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June 10, 2021
Bill Kimball

rob stone soundcloud

Yeah, and my manager at the time had a connection with an A&R over there. I decided to go with RCA because I really connected with Tunji, the A&R at the time. Then I wanted to work with RCA because I had seen their roster. They had Rocky, Chris Brown, just a crazy roster.

rob stone soundcloud

“We’re launching a new wave, a new positive energy,” said Stone. San Diego’s never had a rapper truly hit the national stage, Rob Stone’s determined to be the first. Most of you will recognize this study as the wonderful Chris Sato. In celebration of father’s day and his birthday, I want to say thank you to him for being more than just one of my mom’s boyfriends. He has always been my best friend, treated me with respect, and most importantly he has been the best male role model of my life.

Later, the two talked things out, and decided to work out their differences. If you have heard of Rob $tone, here’s why. His “Chill Bill” song has become a viral hit, with video of a recent fight that expertly uses “Chill Bill” as its soundtrack providing a second wave of attention. That buzz has lead to a deal with RCA that has the city of San Diego energized, hoping one of its own will finally make it to national rap stage.

Soon enough, everyone in the country would recognize that hard-hitting, catchy beat and Kill Bill sample. While California has been a hub for great hip-hop as a whole, San Diego, in particular, hasn’t exactly been a rap factory in the past. The SD rapper recently dropped his new mixtape I’m Almost Ready. Jaylen Anthony Robinson , better known as Rob Stone (stylized as Rob $tone), is an American rapper from San Diego, California. In his early teenage years, he developed a passion for music. He was drawn to nu-metal and hard rock as well as rap, and tried to teach himself how to play the guitar and the piano.

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From a young age, Robinson was influenced by his father’s vintage music collection, and expanded his listening to reggae, hip hop, rock, and R&B. He attended college in Atlanta, Georgia, where he first started teaching himself how to rap.

rob stone soundcloud

“Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Rob has made money from the sales of his mixtapes as well as the ”Chill Bill” single which has continued to sell more copies. The “Chill Bill” video that he posted on YouTube has really boosted his income as it was a hit. Although he still uploads videos on his sharing site, none has been able to do as well as “Chill Bill” one.

Rob $tone

We got stopped before we could even get into action, but we got let go. We were about to break into a house, but thank God it didn’t happen because “Chill Bill” came out the same fucking day. Right after that, we went to the homie’s house. J.Davi$ was like “I got the beat, it samples Kill Bill,” then made that shit literally all in the same day. I still got friends and family there till this day. If I wasn’t in Lemon Grove, I for sure wouldn’t have met a lot of the people that even influenced me to get into music and showed me a lot of the music I love today.

In middle school, he said his aunt and mother tried to encourage this interest by signing him up for chorus, but he eventually got kicked out of the program for punching a classmate. You can stream the 9 song project via Soundcloud below.

I took a lot of the right steps instead of playing around. I had my fun don’t get me wrong, but I was always a little more focused than everybody.

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Yeah, so I respected him for being a man and hollering at me. Once we chopped it up, we went our ways. Two, I learned how fake people are and how quick the industry can change on you. I’ve seen a lot of artists would fuck with me behind-the-scenes but wouldn’t want to fuck with me in public. Even in the industry, I got deals pulled off the table.

But at the time, every label was calling. I met with a few people, but RCA was my favorite for the artistry.

He put us on No Jumper, shit really started to pick up after that. Our shows, because we were throwing independent shows.

Many rap celebrities have been involved with controversies, and Rob is no exception. In 2017 he became the talk of the town and attracted media’s attention after he wasinvolvedin a fellow musician’s stabbing incident; the rapper in question was the famous XXXTentacion. Although Stone was not the attacker, they were both at the same event and Rob was suspected to have paid someone to attack the rival rapper. The two rappers had a history of not getting along and had previously been banned from performing at the same event due to their feud.

Rob Stone Music Career

Sometime in 2013–2014, XXXTtentacion spends around nine months to a year in a juvenile-detention center for a gun possession charge. During this time he meets fellow rapper Ski Mask the Slump God. After being released, the two go on to collaborate on several projects.

The Lemon Grove rapper claims he’s “one of the greatest artists of this generation,” while priding himself in his authenticity. You may have heard his name from his 2014 single “Chill Bill,” which went viral after he uploaded it to SoundCloud.

rob stone soundcloud

My dad was heavy into music so he had a crazy collection. He had these big ass speakers in the garage. Him and his homies used to come over and work out, just be blasting everything.

Because shit, I make more money off my music independently than I did with the label. Of course “Chill Bill” is crazy and you get the crazy royalties, but that’s every three months or however. Being independent, you eat every month. It’s a lot more rewarding, but definitely a lot more pressure. When you’re independent, you have to have a tight team and make sure everybody’s handling their shit. It’s a lot more pressure but if you doing the right shit, it’ll definitely pay off and be rewarding like it is for me.

Now, it’s approaching half a billion streams. Right before “Chill Bill” blew up, that’s when I was in the street shit. For myself, I always wanted to be a boss. Growing up amongst my friends, I was always a lot more analytical. Just with my creativity, I was thinking about how I wanted my career and my life to go.

Shit, it gave me more sense of responsibility for surely. I try to give him the world but at the same time, I got to teach him lessons. It’s definitely weird because I feel so young myself. It definitely feels weird to have a little kid, but it’s cool because he wants to be just like me. Yeah, I follow him on Instagram and he’s definitely doing his thing. I know he’s got a podcast now, etc.

The song got over two million copies sales and was certified as double platinum by the American Recording Industry Association. Its video has been viewed 109 million times, and most people who watched it praises the catch whistling hook that has made it unforgettable. It has also been played more than 13 million times on SoundCloud. Stone got into a contract with RCA Records, which released his second mixtape in 2016 and named it “I’m Almost Ready”, receiving very positive reviews from fans.

  • Although Stone was not the attacker, they were both at the same event and Rob was suspected to have paid someone to attack the rival rapper.
  • Of course “Chill Bill” is crazy and you get the crazy royalties, but that’s every three months or however.
  • Drugs, parties, young wild reckless shit.
  • I got a lot of my music taste from my dad.
  • Don’t miss a minute of Jeanne-Vida Douglas and Rob Stone, as they chart a course to help you capitalise on your vision to lead a successful business.
  • Then I wanted to work with RCA because I had seen their roster.

The official remix of the song features American rappers DRAM, Denzel Curry and Cousin Stizz. In September 2016, Stone released his second mixtape I’m Almost Ready.

His music video for the song “Chill Bill” which was released in 2015 debuted at number 99 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and climbed up to the 25thposition. Stone later revealed that he wrote the “Chill Bill” lyrics seated in the back seat of a police vehicle. Stone Cold is going to be fucking crazy. I’m ready to get this shit out to the people, it’s been a long time. Stone first released his first song “Chill Bill” on June 10, 2014 on his SoundCloud. He wrote the song in the back of a police car. Stone then went on to release his debut mixtape Straight Bummin’ on February 8, 2015.

Shit, from the minute I posted that shit . It grew more and more and more since the day I posted it. Instantly people were like “what the fuck, this shit is crazy.” People were sharing it on Twitter. I remember people tagging me on Twitter, sharing it, and it took off. Once we shot the video, it really picked up.