Square + Xero

March 31, 2021
Bill Kimball

square and xero

You can integrate multiple Square accounts with one Xero organisation. Square started out with the simple idea that everyone should be able to accept credit cards. It’s co-founded by the CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. It has since developed into a simple, point-of-sale solution.

We’ll continue to update our status page with more information. Track your inventory, gauge sales and schedule the best time to restock. This information is updated in your balance sheet to provide real-time details. Xero works on any browser, and on any device flawlessly.

square and xero

This integration is intended to make it easier for SMBs to track sales and simplify reconciliation. Choose your preferred format and sync your data as daily sales summary, product categories or products breakdown. Summarise into an invoice the whole view of your sales transactions data for easy reconciliation.

Square Point Of Sale

Compare real user opinions on the pros and cons to make more informed decisions. Complete the form to the right and a customer service representative will contact you to answer your questions. Learn more about the​ Square + Xero integration and keep up-to-date on the latest developments on the Amaka website.

  • The invoice line items are convoluted and should be simplified.
  • See all your bank balances, recent sales, upcoming bills and expense claims at a glance.
  • Get a quick side by side comparison of products to save you time and money.
  • If you ever want to cross-reference what Square owes you, or how much cash you have not yet deposited, just take a look at the clearing accounts on the balance sheet.
  • Learn more about the​ Square + Xero integration and keep up-to-date on the latest developments on the Amaka website.
  • Our back-of-envelope calculations indicate Square is extracting roughly 3x more gross profit per small business than Xero.

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Powerful Apps

Check balances, upload receipts and invoice customers – all while you’re at lunch. Collaborate online with your accountant and bookkeeper to get the advice you need. Xero + Square put you in the right place – at the right time – to capture sales. Learn more about the​Square + Xero integration and keep up-to-date on the latest developments on the Amaka website. Select your integrations, choose your warehouse, and enjoy Stitch free for 14 days. Simple setup Start replicating data in minutes, and never worry about ETL maintenance.

We will look at the point-of-sale features more when we review retail POS AddOns in the Xero ecosystem in the future. Today, let’s just focus on the payment processing capabilities as this month we are reviewing debtor management and payment service apps in the Xero AddOn ecosystem. This exciting offering allows you to track sales on a per-Customer basis. Perfect for service-based businesses, such as construction, salons and health / wellness providers.

When you deposit your cash takings, simply create a ‘receive money’ transaction and code it to the cash clearing account to clear that amount. If you ever want to cross-reference what Square owes you, or how much cash you have not yet deposited, just take a look at the clearing accounts on the balance sheet. This balance should reflect what’s still due to come in.

Xero has been racing to scale its platform before the 800-pound gorilla, Intuit, matches its product offering. The way that Square works is that they provide you with a card reader and the free app on iPhone, iPad or Google Play and then Square captures 2.75% of the sale amount. You can also accept a payment by keying in a card number. Manually entered payments cost 3.5% + 15c for all card types. The Xero-Square affiliation also gives Xero customers the ability to devise a summary invoice outlining daily sales, which lists their previous day’s sales via Square. Xero also summarizes point-of-sale Square sales, including tips, surcharges and taxes.

Much More Efficient Than Spreadsheet Accounting

With the new improved feed, it’s easier than ever to reconcile your transactions. You’ll get transaction-level detail exported from Square into Xero. It’s a feature that small businesses have been requesting, so we’re excited to make it available to you. The new integration also captures all point-of-sale transactions correctly including tips, surcharges and the relevant taxes. And if your business has multiple locations, Xero and Square can now separate transactions accordingly.

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Go to the Business Tab in Xero and select Bills to Pay. Square Fees sync when Square deposits the payments to your bank account. Bills related to Square Fees have a reference format Square Fees . PropertyDescriptionSquare settlementsDeposits will be synced as Bank Transfers from Square Settlement to the mapped bank account. Select the bank account where Square deposits the payments. You can even have suppliers send invoices directly into your accounts payable. Xero converts the Square daily summary into an invoice with sales, tips, fees and a tax breakdown.

Joor Adds Payment Options To Its B2b Fashion Platform

It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical. Stripe makes it easy to accept debit and credit card payments for online invoices sent from Xero. Square Point of Sale turns your mobile device into a checkout machine. And Xero’s mobile app syncs sales and accounting for a full financial view of your business. Xero’s target users are small businesses and their accountant/ bookkeeper.

square and xero

Check out the full video to learn more about the integration between Square and Xero and how to set it up. Looking at the Xero and Square product offerings it is not obvious that they will compete with each other at all. Currently, they are providing very different core services to small businesses. Square is a point-of-sale payments business and Xero is a core accounting platform. However direct competition becomes increasingly likely as the platforms race to expand their addressable market by leveraging the power of their data to offer higher-value services. Both platforms already offer payroll, invoicing and payment services. The Xero deal follows up Square’s November integration with QuickBooks, which enables Square users to import daily sales data into QuickBooks’ accounting software.

Authenticate your Xero account by clicking the Connect new account button. Sign in to your Square account and click allow to grant all relevant permissions.