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Staff Accountant Job Description

September 6, 2023
Bill Kimball

Staff Accountants generally work during standard business hours in an office environment, though they may work occasional overtime to meet reporting deadlines of complete audits of company records. Staff Accountants delegate tasks to Junior Accountants, Bookkeepers and Clerks to meet deadlines and improve department efficiency. They provide direct support for other accounting staff by closing accounts, balancing checkbooks, updating accounting entries and producing write-ups and projections based on past accounting reports. Throughout the day the Staff Accountant will make copies and sort them according to a logical organization structure to provide continuity in the company’s documentation. Staff Accountants work in the internal accounting department of a company to carry out consistent company procedures.

  • Utilizing our services to find the most qualified individual will allow you to eliminate the costs of “wrong hiring” and reduce turnover and overtime expenses among other benefits.
  • A Staff Accountant is an entry or mid-level accounting professional who is responsible for maintaining financial records at a business, usually as part of a team.
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  • Similar to an accounting manager, they are usually subordinate to the manager, or report directly to the controller or CFO.
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  • Review Figure 1.1 “A Typical Organization Chart” before moving on to the detailed discussion of each important finance and accounting position.

Most states require 150 semester hours of college courses to become a CPA. Lots of other financial and accounting staffing agencies can find you a local job. One where you can contribute, fit in, and—best of all—be happy. We’ll work with you on your job search to make it happen. People are an investment, an asset vital to the success of your business.

Cost accounting is the recording and analysis of all the various costs of running a business. The average Staff Accountant salary is $51,137 per year in the US, with a range between $21,000 and $94,000 per year. The starting salary for your open position will vary based on the experience and skills you require. Accounts payable review and entry, expense account review and posting entries. Let us help with the hiring process so you get remote staff, fast. We offer white-glove service so you have the support and equipment to enable remote work, including secure devices for candidates and virtual workspaces. Whether you need to find top talent, your next great job opportunity or a consulting solution for managing your business and resourcing challenges, we can help.


A Staff Accountant is responsible for maintaining financial procedures and confirming financial compliance through preparation of a company’s reports and statements. They will usually report to the senior accountant or chief financial officer. Whether you’re just starting out, or seeking a role to catapult your career, you’ll have our full support every step of the way. Our team of expert accounting and finance recruiters will work with you to better understand your skills and career goals to find you the best opportunity as a professional, and as a person. You’ll be responsible for all daily accounting tasks, including preparing tax documents and updating expense files. You will perform financial transactions and post them in the general ledger, with strong attention to detail. You will also carry out relevant administrative duties (e.g. responding to clients via email and handling invoices).

A mid-level accounting position between junior accountant and senior accountant. At public accounting firms, staff accountant may be an entry-level position. Staff accountants typically have bachelor degrees but are not necessarily Certified Public Accountants. Typical duties of a staff accountant include preparing journal entries and reconciliations.

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Their role is to prepare and review financial information and organize it in a way that provides a clear picture of the company’s fiscal health. Staff Accountants can handle billing processes including accounts receivable and accounts payable. When processing financial documents, Staff Accountants may also look for ways to improve efficiency and recognize unnecessary expenses.

The personnel at the bottom of the chart report to those above them. For example, the managerial accountant reports to the controller. At the top of the chart are those who control the company, typically the board of directors . Review Figure 1.1 “A Typical Organization Chart” before moving on to the detailed discussion of each important finance and accounting position. Staff Accountants perform high-level accounting functions and financial tasks while Accounting Clerks serve a general support role that is mostly clerical and administrative.

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Ultimately, you will ensure the company’s finances run smoothly. Here are some typical duties and responsibilities of a Staff Accountant. Consulting from Protiviti and custom-built teams of highly skilled professionals from Robert Half, seamlessly combined to tackle your most critical initiatives. Access deep consulting expertise or specialized project teams to solve business challenges. The internal auditors are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls. Accounting Personnel has worked with both small and large companies and CPA firms across The Piedmont Triad. Below is a sampling—contact names and phone numbers will be provided upon request.

Feel free to adapt responsibilities and requirements to your specific needs if needed. They should also understand how more complex mathematical calculations can improve accounting processes. Another important quality of a good Staff Accountant is the ability to multitask and balance multiple projects at once without mixing up files or missing deadlines. Good Staff Accountants take industry regulations and compliance seriously, and are willing to double-check all of their work as a best practice for preventing errors. Reporting to the Controller, the Staff Accountant Level I will provide entry-level administrative and financial support services. The position works closely with other accounting personnel, internal departments, and external parties. In a corporate environment, a controller supervises all other accounting staff and usually reports to a chief financial officer or director of finance.

Add full-time employees — early- to mid-career or executive level. There is no way to know exactly what questions you’ll be asked, although there are a handful that are likely to pop up.

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Accounting Clerks perform data entry and bookkeeping tasks to make it easier for Staff Accountants to track company accounts, confirm compliance and produce quarterly budget and expense reports. Accounting Clerks prepare and sort the data that Staff Accountants then analyze to produce recommendations for company strategy. Staff Accountants generally have more education and usually posses CPA status to confirm their familiarity with tax law and data integrity standards. Financial limitations prevent a small not-for-profit symphony in California from hiring full-time finance and accounting employees. In spite of having annual revenues approaching $200,000, all financial transactions are processed and recorded by a part-time bookkeeper hired by the symphony. The bookkeeper also inputs budget information and provides monthly financial reports to the treasurer.

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Prepare month end journal entries, reconcile general ledger accounts and assist with all accounting functions. Exclusive research from Robert Half and get resources you can use to help make better hires, hone your management skills and advance your career. Find out how we can help you with your hiring and job search needs, access the investor center and learn more about our alliances and community outreach. You control who is invited to interview for your role and stay in one-on-one contact with candidates from interview to hire. Local talent specialists — We handle the hiring process for you, from promoting your job and company to extending offers and negotiating pay. Unlike other financial staffing agencies, we won’t ever push a job on you.

Utilizing our services to find the most qualified individual will allow you to eliminate the costs of “wrong hiring” and reduce turnover and overtime expenses among other benefits. Supplement your staff and your resources while removing the time constraints that force you to compromise in the hiring process. Accounting & Finance Personnel, Inc. provides productive, qualified and successful candidates for full time or temporary employment. We handle all levels of staffing from Accounting Clerks to Chief Financial Officers. Although several personnel would likely be involved, the managerial accountant is responsible for providing financial projections. However, the financial accountant might provide historical information for existing geographic segments, which would form the basis for the managerial accountant’s estimates.

They regularly update company records with details about income and itemized expenses to reflect the most accurate information and meet financial regulations. An upper-level accounting professional who directly oversees one or more accounting specialists. Similar to an accounting manager, they are usually subordinate to the manager, or report directly to the controller or CFO. In addition to their supervisory role, they will be responsible for monitoring and approving the financial processes and reporting of their department.

Candidates who list specific information about their output and productivity indicate an anlaytical mindset that is ideal for a Staff Accountant role. Our company brings field-proven capabilities to meet the engineering needs of utilities and industrial companies. We are currently seeking a skilled Staff Accountant to join our team at our Anchorage, Alaska headquarters. Reports directly to the controller and assists in preparing tax reports for governmental agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. The financial accountant prepares the annual report, which includes the income statement where net income can be found. For each of the six questions listed at the beginning of this section for Sportswear Company, determine who within the company would be responsible for providing the appropriate information. Assume Sportswear has the same organizational structure as the one shown in Figure 1.1 “A Typical Organization Chart”.

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At Accounting and Finance Personnel we aim to be the highest quality provider of staffing services through integrity, competence, innovation, and execution. Commitment to our customers, employees, and strategic partners is the foundation of our mission. We are dedicated to making your business, or your job search, more productive. Our recruiters are experts in using all available tools in the search and placement process. Reports directly to the controller and assists in preparing financial information, in accordance with U.S.

The treasurer, a volunteer member of the board of directors, is responsible for establishing the annual budget and providing monthly financial reports to the board of directors. An outside firm prepares and processes all tax filings, assembles annual financial statements, and performs a review of the accounting operations at the end of each fiscal year. Whether you need contract talent through Accountemps, senior-level professionals for ongoing projects, or permanent placement, our finance and accounting staffing specialists are ready to help. From accounting clerks to analysts, CFOs and many other roles, we can quickly help you find the top contract, full-time contract or permanent talent you’re looking for. Many accountants in the United States are not certified, particularly those who work in corporate America. An accountant is a generic term which can refer to any of the below classifications.

Each department must have employee responsible for the accounting processes of the payment card in the department. These persons must take online cardholder training to learn guidelines and instructions given to cardholders. It is recommended these individuals complete Concur training in order to review transactions, allocate them and submit expense reports as necessary. Staff Accountants prepare and review financial documents, reports, and statements. They oversee all accounting procedures (e.g. tax returns, month-end closures, budgeting) and advise on general financial matters. A Staff Accountant handles a company’s accounting procedures and maintains a healthy financial profile ensuring compliance with state, federal, and local principles. When hiring accounting staff for your company, make sure they’re familiar with all financial laws and regulations that apply in your region and are specific to your industry.

The tax accountant is responsible for determining the income taxes to be paid to various government agencies. Full-time contract talent — Access a bench of specialists for recurring or long-term projects when continuity is key.

Impress your interviewer by learning how to answer the 5 toughest interview questions with confidence. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know. Creative accounting is when companies present or organize their accounts in such a way that they gain money for themselves or give a false impression of their profits.

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The internal auditor often verifies the financial information provided by the managerial, financial, and tax accountants . If conflicts arise with the CFO, an internal auditor can report directly to the board of directors or to the audit committee, which consists of select board members. Is in charge of all the organization’s finance and accounting functions and typically reports to the chief executive officer. Use this Staff Accountant job description sample to advertise your open roles for your company or accounting firm when hiring accounting staff. You can also use this template to create a Senior Accountant job description.