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The 10 Best Accounting Software For Nonprofits In 2020

July 5, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero for nonprofits

This web-based software is ideal for medium to large organizations who already have accounting software but want to integrate more advanced planning, tracking, and forecasting. Sage Intacct is a leading nonprofit accounting software solution that offers an open API structure, making it easy to integrate your accounting software with Salesforce or your payroll software. While most nonprofit accounting software solutions advertise their robust platform and multiple features, MoneyMinder® is a bit different.

If your nonprofit organization needs these features, then the price may be worth the tradeoff. FundE-Z is ideal for large nonprofits and nonprofits with complex accounting needs and is great for organizations needing Medicaid billing or foster care support. This is one of the only programs I feel truly ensures that nonprofits have accurate accounts and are meeting all federal nonprofit regulations. Blackbaud also offers a separate nonprofit fundraising and member management software called Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Founded in 2013, Breeze was designed specifically to be a functioning, affordable church management software option for small to medium-sized churches. Of all the church software we researched, Breeze offered the most modern UI, practical features, and affordable pricing. Xero offers good help and support resources through Xero Central, where users have access to popular support topics, as well as access to their account, including billing and subscription options. Users can type in a topic or ask a question in the Help box at the top of the screen, or choose to access some of the other resources include a Reviewer Guide.

Money comes in, money goes out, employees are paid and day-to-day operations are carried out. Nonprofit businesses are sometimes called not-for-profit entities, especially by accountants.

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT offers Starter, Essentials, and Pro packages for your nonprofit to choose from. Integrations save your organization valuable time importing and exporting information from one solution to another.

  • MIP Fund Accounting is a comprehensive, configurable fund accounting solution built with nonprofits in mind.
  • Fundly is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to raise money for whatever your cause may be.
  • Please give us a call or email us to schedule a free consult to discuss your nonprofit accounting needs.
  • Accounting Suite by AccuFund offers a comprehensive accounting solution for both nonprofits and government agencies.
  • If you’re a larger nonprofit organization that needs one of the most robust accounting software solutions on the market, you might consider QuickBooks Desktop Premier as the best option for you.

File 990 helps nonprofit financial departments save time and money by facilitating the filing of tax forms. OnDeck is our featured vendor for business loans and lines of credit.

Larger nonprofit organizations might buy investments such as stocks or land. Good quality non-profit accounting software can help you here, allowing you to run through different forecasts and scenarios. After signup, contact us atsupport.xero.comwith your proof of status and charity number to receive the discount.

Plus, their reports are built to be FASB compliant for easy auditing as your organization grows. If you’re looking for a nonprofit marketing software, check out our list of the top solutions to help your organization raise more.

Fund Ez

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a company before buying a plan to inquire about pricing and other details. At Business.org, our research is meant to offer general product and service recommendations. We don’t guarantee that our suggestions will work best for each individual or business, so consider your unique needs when choosing products and services. But NonProfit Treasurer’s site is the least fleshed-out of all our options, and while its user reviews are high, those numbers come from only a handful of people. The bare-bones site and low user numbers aren’t enough for us to scratch NonProfit Treasurer off our list, but we do recommend you do a little more digging before signing up. With plans starting at $15 a month, FreshBooks is well-suited for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small-business owners alike. But if you want to accept donations—which you undoubtedly do—you can’t just sign up for Zoho Books.

The available ledger and dashboards make it easy to find and evaluate the most relevant information to your nonprofit. Features – Think about what you absolutely have to have from your software and make sure any one you choose comes with that. Cloud-based or desktop accounting– If you’re the only one doing the accounting and it’s only at the office, this may not be a factor, but cloud-based functionality allows any approved user to access it from anywhere.

xero for nonprofits

Traverse NFP is a flexible nonprofit accounting solution that works for all types of NPOs, including churches, charities, community groups, research institutes, and even international agencies. With fund accounting features paired with traditional accounting functionality, NFP allows you to maintain accurate records and complete reporting with ease by connecting with Microsoft Office. Mohid is specifically designed all-in-one masjid and Islamic organization management software. It blends fund accounting capability with all other aspects of Mosque administration management, including donations, class registration, Zakat disbursement, and membership. Fastfund Nonprofit Accounting Software is a cloud-based accounting solution that provides affordable, yet comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting solutions for small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations. The ability to import data saves time over traditional data entry and copy/pasting and there is cross-platform integration for their fundraising and payroll services.


Xero offers good reporting capability, with a variety of standard system reports available. The product also includes a dashboard that displays a snapshot of current financials and transactions recently entered into the system. The dashboard is customizable, so users can display the information they need.

If it’s to provide charitable services, or to handle the accounts of a social or sports club, there’s a good chance it qualifies as a non-profit. In this guide we’ll look at what you need to do to set up your nonprofit company and keep it running smoothly – and legally.

Wave also offers a complete suite of products to round out your nonprofit accounting experience. For instance, Wave Payments lets you process donations, and the transactions immediately sync with your Wave Accounting software. Wave also offers its own payroll solution that starts at just $20 a month—and once you start shopping around for payroll software, you’ll see what a steal Wave Payroll can be. Sage Intacct is hard to beat, though its comparatively higher price makes it a better fit for bigger, established nonprofits. If you’re trying to decide on a cloud-based nonprofit software service, Business.org has your back.

With QuickBooks Online Plus, you can track your budget by programs or funds and manage your nonprofit’s bills. This nonprofit accounting software covers all of your basic needs, but you also have access to an add-on library for any additional functionality you find yourself in need of. MIP Fund Accounting is a comprehensive, configurable fund accounting solution built with nonprofits in mind. It was designed to manage the unique reporting, budgeting, and security demands of nonprofit fund accounting. Zoho Books is accounting software that’s made specifically for small businesses. With the addition of two free add-on modules, donor management and volunteer portal, it offers more functionality for your NPO. This cloud-based software lets you manage your finances while integrating multiple apps like Office 365, analytics, Google Suite, and crm software.

If you collect entrance fees for a fundraiser or other event, this is revenue to be recorded. That’s especially true if it adds value to your organization, or if the person concerned has a special skill such as bookkeeping.

Aplos: Best Nonprofit

If you’re paying employees, you’ll have to purchase a separate payroll plan, preferably one that syncs with your accounting software to simplify data entry and financial tracking. Typical small-business accounting revolves around profit—how much a company is making, spending, losing, and saving. In contrast, nonprofit accounting centers on tracking funds, including responsible oversight of fund management. Fund accounting software’s primary goal is to show you and your shareholders, namely board members and donors, exactly where their money is going. While Aplos excels at the nonprofit portion of nonprofit accounting software, its accounting focus leaves a little to be desired.

xero for nonprofits

Since most of your nonprofit’s staff will be familiar with Microsoft’s products, using OneNFP Financials is a natural and easy next step for your accounting software needs. You are not legally required to have an outside accountant or bookkeeper for your nonprofit and can have one of your members do the accounting for you.

Top 9 Donor Prospect Research Software for Smart Fundraising.Prospect research is necessary to reach out to potential major donors. These 9 donor prospect research software solutions will simplify this process for your nonprofit. When it comes to managing your grants, SmartSimple can help you through every step of the grant application process.

xero for nonprofits

Xero Dater matches entrepreneurs using a proprietary algorithm, delivering the most accurate matchmaking ever for small business owners. Employing a “blend and extend” strategy to reduce near-term cash spend may be ideal in the current environment, but companies should also be aware of the associated hedge accounting implications. Users can easily import budgets into Xero, though the majority of budgeting for Xero users will likely occur in Microsoft Excel. There is a budget manager function that allows users to create a simple budget, and users can easily track budget totals. Users can create a new budget from scratch or copy an existing budget and edit amounts as needed. Xero allows users to create only one organizational budget, but secondary budgets can be created. Xero includes a default chart of accounts, though users can also import their current chart of accounts if desired.

SmartSimple offers robust budgeting tools that help automate post-award grant activities. You can create payment schedules, PRI repayment schedules, reports, and outcomes. The tiered pricing system for Xero starts at $9/month for the Early plan, $30/month for Growing, and $60 for Established. Their form builder tools allow you to create invoices customized for your nonprofit. Include your logo on the top of the invoices to create a professional appeal. You can also create customized thank you emails for donors with these tools, making it easy to maintain relations with your donors.

Charity Auction Tools

Unlike a conventional business, a nonprofit company’s main aim isn’t to make lots of money. She needed an efficient way to record donations, send tax receipts, and keep track of funds. She was sceptical about Xero at first as she hadn’t had a great experience with other software. Sync Xero seamlessly with third party apps for fundraising and donor management, marketing, payments and workflow management. The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. By using the two Xero Tracking Categories as I have described above, you can now create a Statement of Functional expenses with just a few mouse clicks.

The software solutions in this guide are listed alphabetically, and we took care to include software designed for all different types of nonprofit organizations. Their software is designed to meet the highly specialized needs of nonprofit organizations accounting for contracts and grants. With their extensive and scalable accounting software, Cougar Mountainhelps nonprofits save time and money. MIP Fund Accounting can change and grow with your organization through your most difficult fund accounting, human capital management, and payroll challenges.

The Aplos Suite costs $59/month, or the advanced accounting plan costs $159/month. You can add optional upgrades to this base monthly fee for integrated payroll with Gusto, bookkeeping services, or implementation services. Edge Marketing, Inc. a Minneapolis-based public relations and marketing firm serving the needs of businesses and firms in the legal and accounting industries, today announced its new partnership with Khoo Consulting.