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Why The Xero App Marketplace Is So Important

April 9, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero app marketplace

Custom HR reports – to assist tracking of probation expiry, driver’s licence expiry, next of kin etc. BackPay Calculator – when pay rates need to be back dated, this calculation can be very time consuming.

Small businesses and entrepreneur customers of US-based fintech company Novo will receive transaction information directly in the Xero platform, giving them an up-to-date view of their cash flow. A fully digital offering, Novo is aimed at innovative entrepreneurs and small business owners, and allows them to set up a bank account from their phone — providing a better banking experience with real-time insights into their business. A US-first integration with Novo, building on Xero’s leadership in the financial web so business owners can access the financial data they need to run their business, quickly. Using apps like Fathom, Float, Fluidly, Futrli, and Spotlight Reporting. With your clients now getting the cash they’re owed, help them take a look forward and control where their business is headed. If you want your clients to not only survive, but thrive, it’s imperative they get cash in the bank.

xero app marketplace

A2X automates ecommerce accounting for Shopify, Amazon, Walmart and eBay sellers worldwide. Hubdoc and Xero together make bookkeeping seamless – unlocking valuable insights about your business.

A Shopify Xero Integration

Automatically import e-commerce order history, summarize sales tax liabilities, and post them to Xero.Ecommerce, Payments BankFeeds 13 Ecommerce, Payments A connector between your Stripe and Xero accounts. It runs in the background, automatically importing your Stripe sales, refunds and fees into Xero.Accountant tools, Ecommerce AllFetch 1 Accountant tools, Ecommerce Seamlessly connect your Shopify store with Xero within a few clicks! Sync every important information easily to your Xero account. Ecommerce Checkfront 5 Ecommerce Real-time booking management system for activity, tour & hospitality businesses – accept bookings on your own website.Ecommerce, Inventory Expandly 4 Ecommerce, Inventory Send eCommerce orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify & more to Xero. The Expandly Xero integration app allows you to send orders to Xero, with the option to allocate bank accounts, batch invoices, assign to tracking categories and automate the process daily, weekly or monthly.Ecommerce Ecwid 1 Ecommerce Best store for small businesses. Sell on Facebook and any website such as WordPress, GoDaddy, Wix & Squarespace.

With inventory, loyalty, gift cards, web store & more.Ecommerce, Inventory Expandly 4 Ecommerce, Inventory Send eCommerce orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify & more to Xero. Accountant tools, Practice manager Xero Practice Manager 2 Accountant tools, Practice manager With Xero Practice Manager, you can seamlessly manage your jobs from start to finish in one system. Trusted by thousands of accountants across the world to efficiently run their practices.Invoicing and jobs, Time tracking WorkflowMax 95 Invoicing and jobs, Time tracking A Xero product offering all-in-one workflow. Born in the cloud, Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use platform for small businesses and their advisors.

  • Keeps you tax compliant globally and makes Stripe reconciliation a breeze.Ecommerce, Payments Recurly Ecommerce, Payments Recurly is a leading subscription commerce platform.
  • (And vice versa.)Export spend data in a click, whenever you like.Spendesk is easy to use for everyone.
  • We monitor for negative reviews and reach out to the app partner to find a way to resolve that negative review and maybe even turn it into a positive one.
  • Inventory Unleashed Software 318 Inventory Inventory management that’s perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors everywhere.
  • You can choose to do it automatically or initiate it yourself.Ecommerce Link My Books 121 Ecommerce Automatically imports your sales data, fees and even cost of goods sold from Amazon into clear, understandable invoices and bills inside Xero.Bills and expenses, Ecommerce Greenback 12 Bills and expenses, Ecommerce Auto-Fetch Itemized Receipts.

Create or enhance bills, invoices, or spend/receive money transactions. Assign accounts and/or items to line items that match what you bought or sold. Track categories, assign sales/purchase taxes, as well as contacts.

A2X posts as invoices to enable Xero’s auto-reconciliation capability, so that when the Shopify, Amazon, Walmart or eBay settlement or payout amount appears in the bank feed, the amounts posted by A2X reconcile precisely to the bank statement. Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank is the simplest way to get your client data into Xero! Stripe makes it easy to accept debit and credit card payments for online invoices sent from Xero. Other OzBiz Solutions Other Integrates data between industry specific software and Xero – medical, hospitality, retail POS & optometry.Other Sharesight 13 Other Automatically track investment portfolios and synchronise share purchase, sale and dividend data to Xero for easy bank reconciliation.

Get Your App In The Marketplace

We monitor for negative reviews and reach out to the app partner to find a way to resolve that negative review and maybe even turn it into a positive one. Our developer relations team always have a lot on their plate. You want to do everything, but given the choice, our app partners take precedence over developer outreach. From our perspective, a blog post can wait a few days but our app partners have deadlines to meet and we’re there to support them.

xero app marketplace

If I contact Square for help, they tell me I need to contact Xero. Beware of Xero’s advice to bookkeep the lazy way and just shovel all of the transactions into a suspense account and balance up at the end of the month! If I’d done that, I wouldn’t have identified that Xero have been including some cash transactions in the invoices where they shouldn’t, which is screwing up balancing the invoices and deposits. I really don’t like how Xero forces you to choose only certain accounts to use in the integration.

Xero App Marketplace

From their phone, employees can log new out-of-pocket expenses and snap a photo of each receipt. These are linked to your Xero account, so you can assess claims and reimburse employees immediately.

xero app marketplace

“With these new features and integrations, businesses can build their perfect toolkit, choosing from our expansive ecosystem to find, try and manage the apps suitable for their business and their industry. Xerocon where they have the opportunity to exhibit and meet our accounting partners. Accountants come here to learn more about the best technology to use in their practices and gain insights in order to be able to effectively recommend apps to their business clients. With Breadwinner, unpaid invoices are automatically updated in Salesforce once they’ve been processed and paid. So salespeople can easily track their deals right through to payment, without having to bother the finance team. Invoices are also created quicker in the first place, using Salesforce data. And thanks to a long list of apps that integrate with Xero, you can make it even more powerful.

There is a small difference between some of the tools in the app marketplace . While most of these integrations are betweenexisting software with no affiliation to Xero, the company itself has also built several useful extras to enhance your accounting experience. The new App Marketplace also makes it easier for advisors to find the tools suited to their practice, and recommend the right apps for their clients. Combined with the new App Advisory certification badges, advisors can build their practice with an expertise in developing the right tech stacks for their small business clients. According to the Xero Small Business Fintech Outlook report, US small businesses believe the ability to choose key apps or software with dynamic pricing is one of the strongest financial software preferences. “Small businesses need world-class tools to run world-class operations,” said Nick Houldsworth, Executive General Manager, Ecosystem & XLLP at Xero.

Business Intelligence: Unlocking Future Growth Drivers With Data

Instead of doing a single live event for 48 hours in one city, we decided to do a virtual hackathon for three months. We started doing more live events last year as a way to connect with our community. We want to bring in new developers but we also want to get that facetime with our existing developer community. This year we’re looking to do a developer roadshow through Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, London, San Francisco and Denver. Sometimes there’s a simple resolution and we want to give our app developers a voice in the review process as well.

Spotlight Reporting allows accountants and business owners to create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, cash flow forecasts and consolidations. Very easy to use interface where I can ask questions about my business data. I can also ask questions about my POS data in real-time, as well as social media and my website analytics. There are lots of insights I wasn’t aware of and I really enjoy the proactive ‘Did you Knows’. Lastly, it’s helpful that I can schedule notifications and get it delivered daily in the morning before I start my day.

Why Did This Happen?

In a nutshell, it lets cloud-based businesses accept debit and credit card payments from customers – either one-off or on a recurring basis. We’ve already seen tools designed specifically to help you track payments going out of the business.