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April 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero api developer

Get a streamlined development experience with the all new Xero API plugin for Linx. With the growth in the API, and the inclusion of the additional Payroll API, it was time to build a new home. Today we’re delighted to release a completely redesigned API Developer Center at developer.xero.com. I run a tech business (no really!) and switched to Xero three years ago as it had a good API and some good plugins.

With our assistance, you can build an API-first business by developing an API-as-a-service platform. Our web and protocol development approach includes the use of HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, SOAP, EDI, AJAX, TCP/IP, and/or REST API development services. Altoros develops robust and highly available APIs for traffic-intensive desktop, mobile, and cloud applications, as well as WebSocket, firmware / middleware, browsers, databases, and operating systems. We successfully build robust and secure APIs for any industry to meet your specific requirements. For this reason, we’ve decided dates in MS .NET JSON format will be strings with NO date or date-time format in our OpenAPI specs.

With the help of iPhone, iPad, or Android devices it enables efficient data exchange and work coordination between field and office staff. The suite consist of a desktop part and a mobile application that synchronize to allow for assigning tasks, scheduling on site works, tracking progress, and information updates. Partnering with Altoros, the customer prototyped a mobile app that helps truck drivers to find an optimal parking spot in just 10 seconds. With the working prototype, the company managed to raise additional funding for further growth in just 2 months after the project kick-off.

To date, its global portfolio of successful ventures spans 20+ software solutions for transportation, healthcare, telecom, tourism, etc. Altoros prototyped a mobile app for truck drivers, aiming to facilitates search of truck parking lots in real time. Finally, our team provided integration with the third-party service, which validates the solution’s compliance with government regulations. APIs can create additional security risks, as they increase the number of ways in which malicious actors could get into applications and cause chaos. Therefore, when developing APIs, careful design and security controls are essential. Altoros provides end-to-end API security protection with authentication, authorization, privacy, non-repudiation, and attack prevention. Our engineers develop APIs with comprehensive support for the latest security and regulatory standards, such as JOSE , PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

  • While his work at Squarespace is done in Java, Julian does a lot Javascript in his day-to-day UI work and slings a bit of Python for personal projects.
  • Using Docker Compose, experts at Altoros significantly reduced the complexity of the blockchain network setup in members’ data centers, while ensuring secure cross-datacenter communication.
  • A UK-based developer collaborated with Altoros to develop an IoT system that automates workflows within a smart house.
  • jQuery framework was implemented to enhance performance and schedule accuracy.
  • I would say that together Altoros and I were able to achieve a happy client, a more efficient product delivery system, and a scalable platform for the future.
  • Developed and maintained by the Python community, for the Python community.

The customer now wants to create a white-label product—targeted at energy, telecom, and real estate organizations—to generate additional revenue. Altoros is a professional software development company with headquarters in Pleasanton , branch offices in Norway and Finland, and development centers in the USA, Argentina, and Eastern Europe.

Explore some of our clients’ testimonials to learn the results of our productive collaboration. A global provider of emergency assistance services turned to Altoros to implement a 24/7 support system for car owners. With a working prototype, the customer was able to get an additional budget through the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Now, truck drivers can build an optimal route from point A to point B and search for parking options with necessary amenities across 10,000+ locations in just 10 seconds. Using Docker Compose, experts at Altoros significantly reduced the complexity of the blockchain network setup in members’ data centers, while ensuring secure cross-datacenter communication. The system needed to be integrated with the third-party service, which validates compliance with government regulations.

The whole solution is highly flexible and can be customized for other purposes. Altoros .NET development team created the system that enables users to upload the tender conditions and a list of the possible participants for further processing.

In collaboration with our in-house team, our Altoros contractors swiftly identified and articulated critical paths against our roadmap. Altoros contractors were able to dive in from day one and meaningfully contribute to our engineering organization. With improved API, the system is fault tolerant and minimizes risks of unexpected failures at production. Collaborating with Altoros, the company wanted to optimize the existing functionality, as well as develop some business-critical components. When the company turned to Altoros, it had a legacy system—for handling emergency requests—built on top of the outdated technology stack. The product was hard to maintain, it was impossible to extend the functionality, and lacked web interface.

How To Use Xero

As there are no ready-made solutions for Hyperledger Fabric to use as a REST interface, developers at Altoros delivered a Node.js-based API to simplify web apps integration with blockchain peers. As the REST API can be implemented as part of other projects, it was open-sourced. The Files API allows developers to create and retrieve not just files, but the accounting data associated with it, seeing the bits and bytes in a unique financial context that only Xero can offer. Each year we like to recognize a person who has contributed significantly to the Xero API developer community. The API and Developer Relations team have the privilege of connecting with an exceptionally talented group of designers, developers and company founders all over the world. Like iOS and Android developer communities, the Xero Developer community is a big part of what defines Xero as the platform for small business.

The team of Ruby on Rails application developers redesigned the architecture of the solution and optimized the code in order to solve the security issues. They also did some code refactoring, improved the structure of the database, and fixed the bugs affecting overall performance of the application.

Current Release Of Sdk With Oauth 2 Support

They make a difference in the lives of small business owners through the creativity and care they bring to their products. We had issues where we had problems over the weekend and if something happens on Saturday and these guys come in and take care of it.

xero api developer

The one thing we are certain of whenever we launch a new API is that developers and customers will innovate on it in ways we never imagined possible – that is the beauty of APIs. We are already keeping a watchful eye on the Xero developer community, new integrations and code contributions for stand out candidates for the 2015 award – let us know if have any nominations. Xero is an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their advisors.

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We recommend the Demo Company org, since this code will modify data in the org you connect to. If you have ever spent hours working on the Xero API or hand-coding a custom integration to a database, SaaS product or legacy system, Linx is for you. Really appreciate the effort going in to make it easier for development partners. We have now almost completed the API sets and is now working on an up to date sample application very soon. Find answers from other developers using the Xero API and 3rd party libraries or start a new discussion in one of the topics below. The remit of the Altoros ops folks is to locate and stabilize a malfunctioning service and report it to the engineering team.

Partnering with Altoros, the customer has already addressed almost 116,000 road incidents providing assistance to 150+ car owners per day in real time. As the delivered solution gained popularity among end users, the company partnered with 50 new insurance providers to further improve customer service. By digitizing workflows, the organization ensured 24/7 emergency support. We help to quickly onboard developers by providing necessary materials demonstrating the features of the solution.

Together with Altoros, the company wanted to prototype a mobile app that would enable truck drivers to build an optimal route and ease the search of parking lots in real time. As the customer was to pitch the app to the investors in 2 months, the prototype had to be delivered under tight deadlines.

We are using OpenAPI generator along with these OAS yaml files to generate our new SDKs. Once the user enters the correct details and Authenticate Xero, we save the Xero code returned by Xero. I’m trying to make a simple API call to get all contacts from my clien’t account. If it turns out its too expensive or complicated you are going to loose some customers and will also direct which direction some of us will take to allow us to keep using Xero API. I seriously hope you don’t because its not even ready to try yet so how can you force oAuth1 apps to expire before we have had chance to determine if the “Premium” option is even viable.

The system automatically generates separate templates for participation that are sent out to each vendor. On the basis of the received invitations, the participants of the tender fill in the standardized forms and send them back to the organizer.

Custom Api Integration Services To Boost Your Business

For software development projects, specifically, web development and even some non-standard projects, I think Altoros is a great choice. Their ability to quickly provide high-quality resources, multiple geographies, and flexibility has been a huge asset for us. For example, I do not think I would be able to ask any other software vendors to draft a resource in France for three months. Operating globally, the company is a leading producer of fully automated solutions for the building component manufacturing industry. With patented smart robotics technology under the hood, the organization provides a revolutionary roof truss production system. When the customer turned to Altoros, it had an existing CAD-like software—for roof truss designers—implemented as a proof of concept.

I would say that together Altoros and I were able to achieve a happy client, a more efficient product delivery system, and a scalable platform for the future. Among other improvements, the new application can generate reports and keep track of expenses/earnings. The localization technology makes it possible to determine to which club, university, or sports organization the user belongs, when they log into the system.

xero api developer

Multiple additional features enable users to select trainers and fitness clubs, make appointments, receive SMS reminders, pay for training sessions in advance, etc. The solution was designed to assist trainers and fitness clubs in their daily activities. The existing Web application was very slow, so the first objective was to enhance the overall performance. The customer also wanted to add new features, including schedules with automatic reminders and an online payment system for handling money transfers between clubs. In addition, the application was to be used for educational purposes and had to be customized accordingly. Based in Germany, the customer is a technology-driven venture capital company.

This means developers wanting to use our OpenAPI specs with code generators won’t run into deserialization issues trying to handle MS .NET JSON format dates. Focus on product/service development and leave your website development tasks to us. Get the best online accounting service with Xero API. Xero API development services will provide you with an easy way for the import and transaction processes.

The company had a mobile app for incity car parking that aggregated parking locations by means of an API. The customer saw an opportunity in reusing this API to deliver a similar solution for intercity truck drivers and enter the freight transportation market in Germany. Under the logistics process, truck drivers have strict timing to reach the destination and a schedule of regular breaks to rest. Inability to find a parking lot with necessary amenities along the route may affect driver’s performance and safety, as well as result in missed deadlines and an interrupted supply chain.

We want to ensure you have enough time to choose the best OAuth 2.0 option for you and your customers. We’ll share this extended depreciation date as soon as we know launch timings. The plugin handles all the intricate details involved in working with the Xero APl including feature-rich data integration between Xero and virtually any other database or application. We’ll further integrate our developer community and application management sites into the new interface in the coming months for an even more seamless developer experience. So my thinking is to add the generated token from the MVC app, and make use of it for authentication in the windows services app. We needed immediate and acute development help, and we needed people who knew how to lite JavaScript front-end code and modify our existing product. We got the software done with Altoros lots sooner than we would have done with all our internal resources and we got the additions and modifications to our product that we wanted in time basically.