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Xero New Reports & Xero Budget Manager

April 15, 2021
Bill Kimball

xero budget manager

As we complete the base accounting features there is a lot of innovation and smarts we can do to use that information to drive better business decisions. Online accounting software makes creating a budget easy. For example, Xero financial reporting automatically compares budget to actuals and produces up-to-date reports, like a profit and loss or balance sheet, whenever you need them. By looking at this data, you’ll get a better idea of where the business is headed and you’ll modify your predictions. As time goes on, your forecast and budget will probably start to look different.

  • Since then, we’ve made a number of small improvements to the budget, but we know its time for an overhaul.
  • Why not give the business community and subscribers good budgeting tools also.
  • You can too, by adding payroll to your costs and seeing how that affects your profit.
  • Sometimes the finer detail is hard to guess and not really relevant.
  • DO NOT click ‘Save’, as this will overwrite the budget you are attempting to copy.

Don’t guess at what’s coming in and what’s going out. You could be making assumptions that just aren’t true. Take the time to look into your accounts and dig out the real figures.

Your profit & loss (P&L) statement and balance sheet are the two most common components of a budget because they show whether or not you’re making money. It predicts how much money you’ll have in the bank at any one time based on when you expect to be paid and when you expect to have to pay bills or staff.

Hmm The Budget

But the new reports are really a lot more flexible. The budget section of Xero is a huge let down to this programme.

While I am not using this right now, again I can see how it would be super useful in a nonprofit organization. The Budget Summary report is an ideal way for an executive director or treasurer to present the annual budget to the board of directors. Budgets are how businesses track income and expenses throughout the year. Budget Manager uses the chart of accounts for my company and I used these fields to make estimates for the Menadena budget. Since 2013, Xen Accounting has been seen as a thought leader in the accounting space in Canada. Even if you feel like you’ve got a handle on your finances, consider approaching your trusted accountant or bookkeeper. They will be able to provide a sense check or even help you with practical advice on improving your own cash flow forecasting or finding the right tools that can do the job for you.

In Xero, the Cash Summary is included in the management report, a pack of reports designed to capture the most important information about your business. A management report can be used to indicate the health of your company both internally by senior management and externally by the board or investors. It is good to have budgets against tracking codes, but I don’t want it to be based on monthly expenditure. I want to have a project budget – irrespective of time frames – just a total figure budgeted and reported against the tracking category. I don’t know when exactly I will expense my total budgeted amount, I just want to know what percentage of it I have spent and whether I am over/under budget. We have a lot of stuff we want to do next year on budgets and forecasts.

It doesn’t appear in the standard list of budget items but we will be allocating cost to that account I need to track it. A lot of Xero can be set to cash basis except the Budget Manager. I believe you have a better overall product than QB but you refuse to listen and make these easy programming changes that would save us so much time.

You probably know the numbers so well that you’ll notice if things are going off target. If they do – for better or worse – then take the time to make a new forecast. That may not be realistic given everything else you have going on in your first year of business. But now is when tight budgeting is super important. When you first start out, there won’t be any difference between your budget and forecast.

Small Business

If the “from date” on the budget summary reporting was extended so we can view and print the budget summary for the next financial year that would be a good start. Seeing the full year budget on the report without taking it out to excel would be great. a cashflow budget which includes not just P&L area but all capital/equity/GST items as well so that it reconciles down to net cash movement.

xero budget manager

In most other reports in Xero you can insert a “comment” or “note” under a figure. It would be handy when setting a budget to be able to annotate why something will be higher or lower. A lot of new businesses run out of money at some point. A cash flow budget will help you see when those dry spells are coming, so you can plan around them. You might delay an order of supplies, hold off on buying new equipment, or organise a loan or line of credit to get you through.

Keep A Constant Eye On Your Cash Flow Forecast

The better you can ‘read’ the figures relating to your business, the more successful you’ll be. And you don’t need to become an accountant to do it.

They are perceived to be complicated and boring, and many people simply get overwhelmed by the whole task. You can delete additional budgets should you decide you no longer use them. You can also use a created budget as a template for a new budget just by making a copy. To do so, click the ‘Edit’ link at the top of the budget page, enter a new name and event and click ‘Save As Copy’ under the ‘Save’ drop-down menu. DO NOT click ‘Save’, as this will overwrite the budget you are attempting to copy. You can populate the new budget in one of two ways. To do so, click the ‘Import’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Budget Manager is the key to cash flow forecasting and scenario planning. I have to do a whole lot of extra work each month because I can’t choose my P&L layout to flow through to BM. I can’t believe you are dealing with other changes ahead of this need. Trying to perform a future year budget without a layout option creates pointless work which is subject to error risk. I cant believe there has been no progress on this. I am amazed that the budget uploads in alphabetical order rather than in the chart of accounts order which is what the down load format is in. What an oversight which is surely easy to correct if nothing else can be prioritised.

xero budget manager

Really odd that you don’t offer any of the budget reports in the same manner one customises their P&L. I find one of the other disappointing aspects of the Xero budget is that it is not “Live” in context to the bank movements. You are unable to put in an opening bank balance and track your monthly peaks etc over your budgeted year, and adjust for GST movements etc. This is something that is critical in a good business. Any budget without this does not give you the information needed to monitor your business decision’s, and cash flow during the year. I download the P&L from Xero into an Excel file, then, after making adjustments, I upload the data into Spotlight for B/E analysis, budget forecasts, and profit reporting tools.

I just write what I need and what would be simply desired in your budget manager. Thanks everyone for your feedback – its good to hear. I like the idea of it being more focused on business planning and forecasting with plenty of magic. It actually ties in quite nicely with some of the thinking and early designs we have around cashflow forecasting.