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Xerocon Us 2016

July 7, 2021
Bill Kimball

xerocon 2016

Based in three offices across Wellington and Auckland, and focused on offering long-term solutions instead of financial band aids, GoFi8ure specialise in helping small business entrepreneurs ‘crack the whip on their success’. The team delivers a healthy and personal portfolio of financial solutions, including Xero training and support across the Hutt Valley, Wellington, Wairarapa, Auckland and Dunedin regions. Each session features one topic and three unique perspectives, covering strategic relationships, globalization, technology and more.

It’s significantly more cost effective, safer and faster for all parties involved and the technology exists right now. Some of the most forward thinking accountants were also on hand to share their experiences, and Sharon joined Paul Bulpitt, Stephen Paul and Craig Tyrrell on the main stage (55 metres!) for the Future-Proofing your Practice session. Whilst the education centre on the Xero website is great and their account managers are knowledgeable, the community that we experience at Xerocon shows that nothing can replace the real-life expertise of our fellow bookkeepers. We realised that bookkeepers wanted more support and guidance when it came to integrating Xero into their business and a quick chat at a conference was never going to be long enough for us to be able to answer their questions.

Commitment To Our Partners

We noticed that now, bookkeepers and accountants were trying to connect with us. It was the beginning of the realisation that we were now considered Xero experts and that our knowledge was valued and respected amongst our peers. If you thought this is a true description of a special Apple event hosted by the late Steve Jobs or nowadays Tim Cook, then you are not far from the truth. The only difference is that this is Xerocon, the annual conference of Xero for the leaders in cloud accounting, making it the Apple event of the online accounting world. The CEO of a company that’s considered to be a market leader and a true innovator walks onto the stage. He/she looks at the auditorium full of people eagerly waiting for the big announcement, then starts the presentation.

Development times decrease, existing competition can decide to dump lots of cash into new technology, and new competitors crop up. It may also be the case that businesses don’t see the additional value quickly, giving competitors time to catch up behind the scenes. This is a shift that’s been slowly creeping up on the industry over the last few years.

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The #humans Of Xero

Xero’s bet is on recruiting all this non-users for value adding advisory services. If I would be a consulting business, I should start to think about how to change the business model to make use of this transformation. I believe that the bet with advisory is going to be successful. I have been working myself in a large corporation using expensive ERP systems.

xerocon 2016

The second issue is the assumption that accountants and small business owners want to make the move to advisory relationships. In the same way that Tesla is betting on the market to support self-driving cars, Xero is betting on the market to demand more free time and different business models. Accountants can now start to step into the role of small business CFO. Their time can be spent planning for and nurturing growth, not just tracking it. Xero’s belief is that a streamlined and focused technology offering can make this move easier, by nurturing the most efficient system possible. CEO Rod Drury spent much of his early keynote address talking about the way Xero has used the Amazon cloud to change the way its product functions.

Au And Nz Accounting Partners Of The Year 2016

Part of what makes you successful is your thirst for knowledge. And believe us, Xerocon is the place to share experiences and swap stories. Your fellow Xerocon attendees bring a wealth of experience, often with different perspectives that you can apply to your practice.

  • One would host the speaking event and the other the stands of the various Xero compatible apps.
  • In his keynote, Rod Drury said that Xero has processed over $1 trillion in transactions in the past 12 months.
  • This oversight is what SME players miss, particularly when they want to grow their business.
  • San Diego played host to the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in the Americas.
  • I never fail to be surprised by how open fellow Xero partners are to share their experiences and success stories with others, especially to those who could be considered their competition.
  • It also makes me wonder — could a good chunk of those 70% leaving public accounting for lack of work-life balance be women?

He also demoed a Facebook chatbot that will answer questions in plain English about a business’s finances. So you’d expect Xerocon to be packed full of product updates, and this year Xero did not let us down. Organizing events dedicated to their customers and business partners is essential to Xero’s success. With 15 offices across New Zealand, BDO is a collective of independently-owned accounting practices.

We’re sure you’ll come away with some brilliant ideas and inspiration for how to transform both your and your clients’ businesses. You’ll get much more out of your time with each exhibitor if you already know the basics.

What To See At Xerocon South 2016

Each story is different and it doesn’t matter if it relates to cloud technology or not. There is a lot of wisdom shared and an opportunity to discuss the topics with the speakers. It also makes me wonder — could a good chunk of those 70% leaving public accounting for lack of work-life balance be women? Enabling and supporting employees who want to work remotely on flexible schedules could do a lot to improve the lack of gender diversity at the partner level of the profession. Joanne Cleaver, who spoke later in the day, gave us some figures from the Accounting MOVE Project, a project that’s using benchmarking data to quantify to firms how well they’re doing in terms of advancing women in the profession. As an example, Rod did a live demo of a new Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to interact with their accounting data via chat using natural language.

is approaching this desire by focusing on the technology that underpins their offering. I think the primary reason Xero hasn’t been adopted as quickly in the US as many hoped and anticipated is that its vision is so far ahead of the US market. A simple example of this is how a surprising majority of US business still heavily rely on paper checks to send and receive money.

xerocon 2016

Usually when I sit in on a talk, I want to get down to brass tacks and find out how I can apply what I am learning in my practice. The audience members peppered us with questions and we almost went over time because the conversation was so fun. We recently made a pledge to our partners to deliver the best human technology platform, to empower our customers, and become a force of good for accountants, bookkeepers, businesses, and the broader economy. What becomes clear to me anytime I spend time with Xero leaders or any of the leaders of the add-on apps coming out of Australia is how fundamentally different their vision is from their US based competition. They understand that they have an amazingly large global data set that contains extremely valuable information and they intend to leverage it. They understand how managing accounting processes in cloud based-software changes the way accountants work and makes accounting automated and approachable for business owners. Unlike other accounting conferences such as Accountex, Xerocon isn’t filled with the partners of accountancy and bookkeeping businesses who are debating whether moving onto the cloud is the right thing for them.

Some cool insights into practice clients using Xero show what addons their clients are using. This will be a great tool for practices to use and will help them understand the needs of their client base better. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you think the future of accounting looks like.

To see our commitment in action, check out our platform’s ecosystem of tools and apps. Matthew went up for the conference, leaving the team and I behind to man the fort. To stay in the loop Matt and I had a quick chat about his experience and some of the highlights. Download the XeroCon app and plan your agenda before you show up on Thursday morning.