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You Need Millennials Heres How To Attract, Hire And Keep Them Happy.

May 4, 2021
Bill Kimball

how to attract millennials to your business

Maximize your business potential and open new revenue possibilities with start-to-finish production print and wide format solutions from EO Johnson and Standard Dynamics finishing solutions. “Networking with law schools, going in to speak, etc. is a great way to find newer, younger employees,” Lou DeVoto, founding partner of Rossetti & DeVoto, PC told Employment Crossing. Millennials want to feel inspired at work, so surround them with others who are talented and enthusiastic. Millennials comprise a workforce never before seen in the working world.

Employers who recognize this change in values are the ones who can successfully attract and retain millennials. Offer opportunities for them to vary their experience and build their value in the company and the greater industry. It’s very important to Millennials is that there is a clear path to advancement.

  • Regular and direct communication is a major part of millennial life, so be prepared to engage with them authentically.
  • A positive company culture that encourages work-life balance and flexibility will help millennials feel less pressure to meet these societal standards.
  • When employers are seeking millennials, they shouldn’t forget that there are millennial students who are interested in work and who will appreciate employers who make the effort to connect with them.
  • This generation wants to make the world a better place and will be loyal to brands that will support their causes .
  • For employers and managers, it’s important to understand this age group because over 50% of employees will be millennials by 2020.
  • As remote work is now here, and it’s here to stay, employers need to find new ways to keep their workplace connected and engaged even when socially distanced.

This group is often described as adaptable, entrepreneurial, team-oriented, and creative. They tend to have skills and resources that previous generations do not, such as a unique technology skill set and global perspective. They also work effectively and efficiently, accomplishing more in an average workday.

Note that Facebook owns Instagram so total time on their sites is a significant 34 hours a month. Regardless of the platform, this group is relating to their worlds online. Millennials are attracted to businesses with a strong online presence.

How To Effectively Market To Millennials

Expected to make up almost 50% of the workforce by 2020, millennials are starting to dominate the working landscape as more baby boomers begin to retire. In the U.S., the largest share of the workforce is now made up of millennials. This has a direct impact on recruitment activities as companies have to take into account who these millennials actually are, how to motivate them and how they can add value to their business. While there are studies that imply millennials are ‘job hoppers’—other studies show they’re not switching jobs significantly more often than twenty-somethings of previous generations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reportsthat Baby Boomers job-hopped in their twenties just as frequently as millennials do now. Thanks to the internet, people can now communicate with anyone in the world from their living room. Employers who want to attract talented millennials should consider offering them the chance to work remotely, which is an attractive perk that can benefit both parties.

how to attract millennials to your business

Connecting with Millennial customers can sometimes feel like trying to figure out an Escape Room without any clues –– exhausting and frustrating. Their values, beliefs, and perspectives are vastly different from previous generations. This generational shift within the business sector might feel like the biggest headache for entrepreneurs. Many businesses stand out because they offer subscription packages, offer special giveaways, or can even ship out products almost immediately. By interacting with your clients you are giving them that one-on-one interaction that millennials look for. They want to connect with companies, celebrities and more in order to see the best new products or clothing that they are using. Given that millennials are known for using their phones for virtually everything, make sure that your company is as mobile-friendly as possible.

Foolproof Ways To Attract Millennial Customers

Many millennials grew up watching their parents struggle financially, and then they were told to go to college and graduate school, only to come out with high debt and few high-paying job options. They will no longer accept lowball offers, and if they do, they won’t stick around for long. According to The Intelligence Group, 88% of millennials prefer a collaborative environment to a competitive one. To create this, management must set the tone, and HR should focus on hiring team players. There are laws that prohibit harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; but some managers allow their work environments to become toxic anyway. These types of workplaces are unappealing to everyone, but millennials especially will not tolerate abuse long-term.

When asked about what influences a decision to accept a job, 65% of respondents prioritized opportunities for personal development. Finally, when asked about determining most valued benefits offered by an employer, 22% of respondents listed training and development as the most valued asset an employer can offer . In another study conducted by Forbes, the number one reason millennials provided for leaving organizations was the lack of career progression . Thus, it is evident that millennials look mostly at career development and job advancement when they decide to enter or leave a workplace. Before applying, they may have already checked reviews on your business and talked to current or former employees through social networking. Note that after sending a job application, millennials won’t wait long to hear from you before checking out another job opportunity.

Millennials expect technology tools that allows them to do their jobs efficiently. Millennials spend almost an hour a day on Facebook, according to a recent report on comScore, and that time is spent on Facebook’s mobile app.

Differences In Major Brands’ Acceptable Vs Exceptional Email Marketing Programs

According to Berke, most millennials are not fond of the rigid 9-to-5 schedule. They prefer to work for companies that allow them to work a variety of shifts or to work remotely for at least part of their weekly schedule. Additionally, millennials tend to enjoy travel and often need jobs that will allow them to take a few days off here and there to rest and recharge. If a millennial does not feel personally connected to their company, they likely won’t stick around, added Ridner. Retaining employees is just as important as attracting them, so be sure to align your mission with your workers and create a platform for their voice. More employees are channeling their passions at work, focusing on emotional rewards rather than monetary incentives.

In some positions this is impossible—it would be hard to serve dinner from home. But if there are elements of a millennial’s job that can be performed outside of the office, give them the option to do it. There are exceptions, of course, but allowing millennials to dress casually respects their personal style, and lets them bring extra energy to their work, not their work clothes. Young Entrepreneur Council is an invitation-only, fee-based organization comprised of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger.

How To Attract Millennials, The Hardest

Or they can use social media to get real-time updates about your industry, such as if someone is complaining about your brand online or if there’s breaking news. In conclusion, millennials are looking for more in life than a stagnate job and paycheck. Their unique characteristics demand a different strategic approach to attract this type of employee. They differ from other generations in their expectations for learning/advancement, feedback, and recognition. Therefore, the big challenges for managers and workplace professionals in any organization is to understand this generation and know exactly what can attract, engage, motivate, and retain them. Inbound marketing including videos, blogs, and DIY information are just a few of the items millennials are attracted to.

Around 73% of millennials prefer to communicate with businesses by email. Since it’s important to give consumers what they want, you need to use it. Outbound marketing practices don’t work on this generation, as they prefer to build relationships with the brands they invest in. Follow relevant industry hashtags to keep up with the latest conversations surrounding your brand. It’s important not to spread your business too thin and try to manage every social media account out there. As long as you’re on the channels where they’re active, you’re good to go.

Smartphone usage increased by 78% from and this has been primarily driven by millennials who we already know are very tech-savvy. This means they have the ability to browse for career opportunities online.

Give millennial consumers a good reason why they should do business with you over your competitors. The additional incentive solidifies their decision and makes them more comfortable going through the checkout. Wherever they leave questions, concerns or comments, it’s your duty to reply promptly. The average response time from companies is 12 hours, which is much longer than the one-hour timeframe that customers expect. If you don’t deliver according to their expectations, you won’t bring in as many conversions. User-generated content is anything produced by customers themselves that shows them using or enjoying your products and services.

how to attract millennials to your business

Following the 5 tactics above will give you a good start in attracting this new generation. We live in a world where everyone can have an online voice which translates into comments and reviews on company-branded accounts. Therefore, companies need to minimise unfavourable mentions by monitoring and influencing conversations online.

Whether this is a new writing class or an introduction to management seminar, your young workforce will appreciate that you are investing in them. If you want to keep your young workforce, you should show appreciation by awarding employees with fun team events or by publicly acknowledging people for their good work. These public accolades, such as a website write-up, can also attract others to your company if they see that you are doing meaningful work. Millennials value diversity, not only with race but with gender, sexuality, and other identities. While they may seem lazy or uninterested, millennials seek a different work experience than the working generations before them. five most important factors they considered when evaluating job opportunities.