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Accountant, The

May 27, 2021
Bill Kimball

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Occasionally, he takes side jobs smoothing out the books for shady corporations. Meanwhile, the head of the Treasury Department (J.K. Simmons) has recruited a new agent (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to discover Wolff’s true identity. While his character shows that people with autism aren’t lesser than others, he’s also extremely violent, which makes him an iffy role model at best. Most of the violence is fairly over the top, with lots of fighting and shooting (lots of blood and point-blank shots to the face). Language isn’t constant but includes “f–k,” “s–t,” and more.

I hope it is available for viewing on the internet someday. A non-traditional accountant comes with a variety of ways to save the farm.

She notices his dented, steel thermos, and she tries to make small talk with him about why he went into financial consulting. She tries joking with Christian, who is polite but doesn’t get jokes. She tells him that she wanted to study art, but her father discouraged this and told her to follow in his footsteps as an accountant, the kind with a nerdy pocket protector, which Christian is also wearing. She tells him the only art her father likes is dogs playing poker, which Christian says he also likes. Christian Wolff, only the latest alias he has used over the course of his life, owns and operates his own small accounting firm in Plainfield, Illinois.

  • Based on what he hears and what he sees, he believes that the killer was out for revenge for something deeply personal.
  • Some would say that Renoir had not quite understood the Zeitgeist of being an Impressionist .
  • The psychologist suggests that they leave the boy at his institute, where they can teach him coping mechanisms and provide a calm, comforting environment that won’t exacerbate his sensitivities.
  • She relies on friends in the FBI who use the profile pictures to assemble a suggestion of what his face might look like.
  • There was a need to challenge the formal rules and regulations concerning what defined art.

Chris goes to Lamar’s mansion, where the hitman and his men await. During the battle, the hitman recognizes Chris repeating the nursery rhyme and reveals that he is Chris’s brother Braxton; they have not seen each other since Chris’s imprisonment. Braxton attacks Chris, blaming him for their father’s death.

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In the present, Chris works as a forensic accountant from a small strip mall office. He unmasks insider financial deceptions, often for criminal and terrorist enterprises. His daily regimen includes exposing himself to loud music and flashing lights while abusing his own shinbone to inure himself to sensory overload. There’s quite a bit of stuff going on here, and for a good while “The Accountant” percolates on its multiplicity of plot threads even as it keeps adding to them. As it happens, the “accountant” that the Treasury agents are looking for is up to quite a bit more than providing tax relief for rural dwellers. Deadly bad guys who are, an observant viewer will note, subsequently busted by the Treasury Department.

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Receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film grossed $155 million worldwide. It received praise for the action sequences featuring Pencak silat, an Indonesian martial art. Vinnie Mancuso is a Senior Editor at Collider, where he is in charge of all things related to the 2018 film ‘Aquaman,’ among other things. You can also find his pop culture opinions on Twitter (@VinnieMancuso1) or being shouted out a Jersey City window between 4 and 6 a.m.

ZZZ Accounting is listed as the accountant and as a partner for all three businesses, who each declared over $400,000 in income. When they try to figure out where the money has gone, they realize that huge charitable contributions have been made to Harbor Neuroscience. Marybeth’s investigation leads her to a friend at the IRS. He helps her comb through tax returns of accountants with the names of Carl Gauss and Lewis Caroll. Using some filters, they narrow down the list but the most likely suspects are already dead. She then produces a list of 100 of the most famous mathematicians, believing that the Accountant would be using the list as his aliases. They slowly search through the system for the different names.

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He is trying to remain calm, subjecting himself to the stressful stimuli until his alarm beeps and it’s time to take his Zoloft. In Zurich, a man – Simon Dewey – gets into his car in a parking garage. A second man quickly enters the vehicle and calmly pulls out his gun, placing a silencer on it. The first man is dismissive, saying he has kidnapping insurance so the Assassin should just get on with his business quickly. He explains that he was hired to send a message to the man, who is a stockbroker and has been shorting the stocks of the Assassin’s boss’ company. The Assassin orders the stockbroker to stop shorting stocks.

The psychologist suggests that they leave the boy at his institute, where they can teach him coping mechanisms and provide a calm, comforting environment that won’t exacerbate his sensitivities. The father says no, telling the psychologist that if the boy is sensitive to light and sound, he needs to be exposed to more light and sound, as the world is not going to accommodate his special needs. Turns out that Dana, one of that firm’s accountants, played by Anna Kendrick—doing, as she did in “Up in the Air,” fine work in a Non-Romantic-Romantic-Interest role—has discovered a discrepancy. Christian uncooks it, as they say … and then very nasty assassins are dispatched to kill both Christian and Dana. The film has a good balance between perceptive characterization, solid storytelling, and excellent action. Come for the sensitive and progressive portrayal of autism, stay for Ben Affleck smoking some fools. An unemployed accountant is taken in by people who operate on the wrong side of the law.

Most of the other people in the house are children, but the boy wanders into the room of an adult woman who is screaming and shaking and smacking herself in the head. The boy’s parents come in and apologize for their son wandering in. The woman calms down briefly as she looks at the boy and seems to smile at him. The psychologist tells them that the woman’s name is Justine, one of their few full-time residents. She’s unable to communicate verbally, but she can do so using her computer. He suggests that the boy hang out with Justine while he finishes giving the parents their tour.

He taught both his sons, but taught Wolff in particular how to navigate through a life that would inevitably be more difficult. In the film we see that Wolff has specific coping mechanisms that enable him to engage successfully with the real world. Two parents are talking to the same psychologist shown at the film’s beginning, and telling him about their son. The psychologist tells the parents that the outside world will treat him like he’s different or dumb, and then he will be burdened by its low expectations.

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She sends this file to experts who tell her that it is a nursery rhyme being repeated over and over again. She explains that the recording was made during a highly stressful event, which makes the expert ask if the person was traumatized as a young child. The flat affect and repetitive nature of the recording, despite a high-stress environment, would indicate that the person has some sort of neurological disorder, such as autism. She relies on friends in the FBI who use the profile pictures to assemble a suggestion of what his face might look like. They are also able to connect it to an unknown man who attacked a bar/club that was the base of operations for the Gambino crime family. The man killed the two guards standing outside and then entered the home, killing the seven people inside using their own weapons, including the mafia boss’ son, Little Tony, who was killed with one swift kick to the head.

He picks it up and it’s the Voice, tipping him off to a human trafficking ring. He later gets another tip about drugs coming into the country, and he is again credited for the case, raising his profile and success at the agency.

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One declared an income of over $500,000, which tipped the IRS off for an audit, which revealed that he was clean. This accountant’s firm is called ZZZ Accounting, which seems suspicious as it’s a bad choice for a name when they are listed alphabetically in a phone book. They look up a picture of the street view for the firm, which is in a dingy strip mall with a nail salon, laundromat and Chinese food restaurant. On a hunch, Marybeth has her friend look up the tax returns on the three neighboring businesses.

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He is gently steering them toward declaring it as a home business, telling them the IRS allows the deduction of a certain amount of household expenses when used for business purposes. And then we are whisked to the Department of The Treasury, where avuncular bigwig Ray (J.K. Simmons) delivers some exposition on a mystery man—the fellow played by Affleck, as we already know. “He’s their accountant, an accountant, ‘the’ accountant,” Simmons says, sounding like he’s setting up an episode of “The Blacklist.” The junior officer he’s telling all this to, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, is intrigued. And soon she’s annoyed, as Simmons dredges some stuff up from her past to effectively blackmail her into tracking “the accountant” down for him. The movie could have been a lot more entertaining had the filmmakers focused on fewer threads and settled on a more consistent tone. King explains to Medina that Chris was imprisoned at Leavenworth because of a fight at his estranged mother’s funeral, where his father was killed protecting Chris.

The main character has a high-functioning form of autism; he’s strong and powerful, challenging the notion that he has any kind of disability. But he’s still not really a role model, given that his business is ruthless violence and that he never faces any consequences. But it takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a month to keep DailyArt Magazine going. You have entered the place where art history gains the voice it deserves. Our mission is to present art history stories in the most compelling and fun way.

He runs in the house to hold Christian tightly until he calms down. The mother gets into her waiting cab, and the younger brother gives her the middle finger from the window. In the present day, Christian Wolff is an accountant in his own, small practice.

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Later, the Assassin is setting up a team of henchmen at the home of Lamar, the CEO of Living Robotics, as he was behind the whole plot and had his CFO and his sister killed to cover his tracks. The Assassin questions Lamar about Christian, but Lamar is dismissive and says he’s just a freak. Lamar claims that his ability to help people far outweighs any crimes he’s committed.

Just enter your e-mail, and we’ll let you know when there are interesting art history stories to read. Back in the room, Justine goes to her computer while the boy looks around the room.

Despite his proximity to some of the most dangerous criminals in the known universe, this man of dozens of aliases stays alive. Despite the fact that he has oodles of cash and precious art at his disposal, the accountant’s life is a welter of pain, much of it in the form of self-punishment. The viewer is left to wonder why he plays the dangerous games he does.